My Life That Could Have Been

By Laura Goodwin

"Jim! I swear on my life that there was no 'campaign'!
Why would Gary say something like that?"
she exclaimed.
Dr. Marcus stared, stunned, into Admiral Kirk's eyes
"We merely got drunk. You know how Gary lies."

"Lied. Past tense." Then Jim shook his head.
"Oh, Jim. Is he dead? I'm so sorry" she said.
"You loved him completely, didn't you?"
"Folly. I should have stayed there with you."

"And what kind of marriage would that have been?
You'd always be wishing you'd chased after him.
"Besides, you didn't want a family, I did.
Why ruin *your* life because *I* want a kid?"

"I did what you asked, and I stayed away,
Now my full-grown son doesn't know me today.
To him I'm a stranger, and that makes me sad.
Why couldn't you tell him that I am his Dad?"

"And what should I tell him? His father is Gay?
He's got a new trick and won't be with us today?
That daddy loves us, but that I'm the wrong gender?
I'd rather just chop his heart up in a blender."

Unbeknownst to the two, Mr. Spock overheard,
He revealed himself now and inserted a word:
"David's got enough courage, you stone-hearted witch.
He knows that his mother's a ball-breaking bitch!"

"That's enough, Spock!" Jim cried. "We'll talk later. Now go!"
"Lemmee guess..." Carol said, "That is your new S.O."
"I don't mess in your business, so don't mess with mine!"
"Well, we're back where we started, and I like it fine!"

Copyright L. Goodwin 1998 - 2002

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